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Aussie Car Forum


1. Respect fellow members - No personal attacks or derogatory language will be tolerated, and all posts should be respectful and courteous.


2. No Illegal Content - Posting any content that is illegal in any way (e.g. pirated software, stolen content, etc.) is strictly prohibited.


3. No Spam - Posting irrelevant or unsolicited messages is not allowed.


4. Be Knowledgeable - Posts should be relevant to the topic and contain helpful information.


5. Stay On-Topic - Posts should stay on-topic and not derail the discussion.


6. No Advertising - Advertising any offers, products, or services is not allowed.


7. No Trolling - Making malicious or offensive comments with the intent of provoking a reaction is not allowed.


8. Respect Privacy - Do not post private information about other members.


9. No Duplicate Posts - Posting the same message in multiple places is not allowed.


10. No Copyright Infringement - Posting content that is owned by someone else without permission is not allowed.

Be safe and have fun!

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